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by Juan Hernando

What is this blog about, and why do I write?

Field Notes notebook Field Notes or Moleskine, I never stop writing and making lists in them

Rereading the first few posts of this Bloganuary, I asked myself: what the hell is this blog about? There are some very personal articles, others about the web… and who knows what I’ll be writing about in the coming weeks! And right now, the prompt for day 6 is: Why do you write?

I’ve always liked to write so that my future self can go back and see what I was worried about at the time, what I was doing, and what I was interested in… It’s a shame that many of the things I wrote in my twenties are in some lost or hard to access hard drive (because I must have a copy of my Fotolog somewhere), but thanks to WordPress, I’ve always been able to export and import everything I’ve been writing since 2008 in my personal blog in Spanish. It’s a little -not even 300 entries- but it’s a lot more than nothing.

And why do I now have two personal blogs? Because this one fulfils three main functions:

I have to practise my English

What you don’t use, you forget. And although I write in English almost every day in the global WordPress Community team or in the WordCamp Europe organising team, they are usually short conversations, direct messages or similar. I know I’m going to have to use this language more and more, and although I always have Deepl, Wordreference and Grammarly at hand, there is a certain fluency that I need to work on more.

I want to connect with more people

Related to the above, I am meeting more and more people from the world’s farthest corners. And I’m sure that with more than one person, I have things in common that can make us have a beer (virtual or not), chat about something and have a good time. I think the best way to get to know someone… is by what they write! It gives you that closeness or that feeling of getting to know someone better that you can’t get any other way.

I need to get back into the habit

I write because I’ve always written a lot, but I’ve been losing it in recent years. For lack of time, lack of desire or all together. And I wouldn’t say I like it. It’s not that I’m a successful novelist or that the world is waiting for my four paragraphs. But, as I said at the beginning, it is something I love to do for my future self. So writing in this blog, or participating in Bloganuary, are part of my good resolutions for this year.

And you, why do you write, or why do you read this and not leave me a comment below saying: Hello, I read you!?

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