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About me

Juan working on his laptop

Stop looking at the laptop screen! Yes, I’m talking… to me.

My name’s Juan Hernando, and I’ve been around since 1983. My brother always had a computer at home in Santoña, Cantabria, and since the Macintosh LC II, I’ve been trying to do stuff with them.

A demo CD with Front Page 98 changed the way I looked at the world and my -very patient- parents paid a lot of bills, so I was able to be connected to the slower Internet you can remember.

I never finished my University studies, but I converted my hobby into my job (no, I didn’t become a pro basketball player, I mean the web development thing).

Since 2011 I direct my own company, Vertixe, and I mainly develop customized WordPress themes for clients and their projects. I work remotely. And my primary goal is to help small and medium businesses that need to be online but don’t know exactly how. Currently, I work with design agencies and other freelancers to achieve this.

Although I love HTML & CSS, I’ve found out the marvelous stuff you can do with WordPress. And to give back to the project a little of all it has helped me to grow professionally, I do my best to improve it by translating it and co-organizing a local meetup and a annual WordCamp in Pontevedra, Galicia, where I live.

I also have a weekly newsletter, Enlace Permanente, for WP professionals. I’ve been a speaker at several WordCamps and meetups because I believe in sharing knowledge. I love basketball and traveling. I defend the open web, the standards, and the accessibility. I have a blog in Spanish where I mix personal and professional thoughts too!

You can find me here or in Twitter or Instagram. Drop me a line and say hi!

You can learn a little more about me in this essay in HeroPress: Becoming known in the WordPress Community.